Silver Falls Lodge & Conference Center is honored to be an authorized concessioner for Oregon State Parks. As part of this partnership, our mission is aligned with that of the State: “to provide and protect the outstanding natural, scenic, cultural, historic and recreational sites for the employment and education of present and future generations.” At Silver Falls, we lead by example and aim to foster a culture of environmental stewardship amongst our employees and guests. Silver Falls Lodge & Conference Center focuses on five (5) core areas which set the foundation for the company’s Environmental Responsibility Standards.


1.) Waste Management
Our goal is to reduce first and recycle second.

  • To do this, we have eliminated most of our single-use packaging by switching nearly all of our food & beverage services to bulk dispensers. This includes condiments, sodas and even beer.
  • Please recycle! We provide our guests with recycling stations in all meeting halls and lodges.
  • All catered events at the Lodge are serviced with reusable serving ware and dishware. Any disposable dishes for off-site catering at the Ranches or at the South Falls Café are compostable.

2.) Water Conservation

  • Many of our facilities use low-flow sinks and toilets. We’ve posted friendly placards to encourage our guests to reuse their towels during their stay. We also remind and encourage both staff and visitors to help us to save both water and electricity by turning off appliances and faucets when not in use.

3.) Watershed Health

  • We work hard to keep our Lodge and Conference Center clean and free of litter or pollutants. Please help us to keep our wilderness clean by using our trash and recycle bins and staying on the designated pathways.
  • Silver Falls Lodge & Conference Center utilizes all-natural and non-toxic cleaning products for the everyday maintenance of our facilities.

4.) Responsible Supply Chain Management

  • Our food and beverage services are mostly plastic free. Our disposable materials are chosen partly for its recyclability or compostability.
  • We offer a strong selection of locally sourced food and beverages to offer our visitors an accurate taste of the local food scene. Special attention is given to serve fruits and vegetables that are in season – some offerings are even grown on site!

5.) Energy & Fossil Fuel Reduction

  • We are currently following an LED lighting plan as we go through upgrades and replacement. Many of our non-essential lights are motion-activated, so that they are only in use when you need them.
  • You are likely to see our housekeeping and maintenance teams zipping about the grounds in all-electric carts. Be sure to waive hello as they work hard while also minimizing carbon emissions!
  • Bed, bath, and table linens are all laundered on site to reduce the carbon cost of hiring an outside washing service.