Throw A First Class Holiday Party
Without Lifting A Finger!

Did you know there’s an amazing place in Oregon to have a holiday party where everything is professionally decorated,organized, and set-up, so you don’t have to lift a finger?

It’s true.

All the legwork is done for you.

In fact, it’s so easy to throw a holiday party here, you may never want to go back to planning one ever again. And it only takes one quick phone call to get you all set-up.

You see, I’m giving you the most important thing for your party to be a success.

I’m talking about time for you to enjoy with your guests, and for them to enjoy each other.

Let us focus on getting everything ready for you.

Here you can relax while your guests are greeted with lush green trees as tall as the eye can see. Air so crisp and clean that it feels like another world.

And in the near distance, you can drink in the sounds of trickling water dancing together to fill the towering waterfalls.

Once your guests step into the party area, they will see beautifully styled holiday decor all around them. The string lighting draped across the ceiling gives a warm inviting glow to the rich woodwork all around. Relax comfortably around the crackling fireplace while you enjoy the laughter with friends over hot cocoa.

Holiday music lingers gently in the air.

Before you know it, a mouthwatering smell grabs your attention. The delicious menu crafted by our award winning Executive Chef Kirk is served.

Enjoy. Every. Last. Bite.

Celebrate the finish of the party with a bubbly bar and more laughter.

Are you looking for an after party?

If you’re adventurous, you can hike to the towering 177ft waterfall while the roaring mist kisses your face along the way.

Say hello to the squirrels and hummingbirds
on your way there.

Hiking not your thing? That’s alright.

Hop on a mountain bike to explore our many dirt trails. You can also sit back (on our benches) and leave
the hustle and bustle of the city behind.


Or spend the night and enjoy the quiet peace with a thousand stars in the sky.

And to think… all this is available to you without lifting a single finger.

There’s no place like this in the whole world…with multiple breathtaking sights, Silver Falls Lodge & Conference Center is the perfect place for a holiday party from 20 to 50 people. Small group packages starting at only $1495.

Getting to Silver Falls is incredibly simple. Having a party here is even easier. Call (866) 575-8875 or for a quick proposal. Ask for the Holiday Party Package.

Believe me; the only thing you’ll regret is not having a party here earlier.

Space is very limited, especially during the holidays. If you are even slightly interested in having a holiday party at Silver Falls, don’t wait.

Reserve your spot today.

To the good life!

Reserve Sunday – Thursday for and EXTRA 5%OFF

Reservations are easy to make. Simply call Nicolle Owings at (866) 575-8875, email